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Pairing: Lady Kima of Vord/Allura Vysoren
Alternative name(s): kimallura
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Critical Role
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: major
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Kima/Allura is a popular NPC femslash ship from the first campaign of Critical Role. Both Lady Kima and Allura are characters portrayed by Dungeon Master Matt Mercer.




  • and oh it aches (but it feels oddly good to hurt) by mischief7manager - "They’ve been traveling together for three days now, and if that self-righteous, sanctimonious, supercilious paladin opens her mouth to spout about Bahamut’s glorious purpose one more time, Allura is going to cast Hold Person on her and dump her off a cliff." Three times Kima saved Allura's life, and one time Allura returned the favor.
  • Brighten my northern sky by impossibletruths - Cassandra keeps speaking, but Kima pays her no mind because standing at the window, tired and pale and dusty and here, alive, in Whitestone, is Allie. Or, Kima and Allura reunion at Whitestone. Spoilers for episode 56.
  • Just promise me we’ll be alright by impossibletruths - Love is ultimately selfish. It demands that one be devoted to a single person, who may fully occupy one's mind and heart, to the exclusion of all else. In the space of a heartbeat, it all comes crashing down, and she makes her choice.
  • we're not broken, just bent (look, i'm still around) by mischief7manager - "Without her permission, her mind wanders to the memory of Allura’s lips against hers, only hours ago. She’d been terrified when Vox Machina had told her Allie’s plan, to slip in and out of Westruun right under the dragon’s nose. Seeing her again, hale and healthy-- Kima would have challenged anyone not to kiss her.