Allura Vysoren

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Name: Allura Vysoren
Occupation: Member or the Council of Tal'Dorai
Relationships: Lady Kima of Vord - wife
Fandom: Critical Role
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Allura is a popular NPC, portrayed by Matt Mercer on D&D web series Critical Role. She was first introduced in Campaign 1. She sent Vox Machina to find Lady Kima of Vord. Her mage tower (located in Emon) was destroyed in the initial dragon attack that started the Chroma Conclave arc of Campaign 1. She moved to Whitestone for the duration of the arc, before returning to Emon after it was liberated from Thordak. Allura married her long-time friend Lady Kima towards the end of Campaign 1. She also appeared in Campaign 2, when she was called in to Nicodranas to help The Mighty Nein save Yussa. She later contacted The Bright Queen of the Kryn dynasty to stop an attack on Rexxentrum and help The Mighty Nein in their fight against Chained Oblivion.

Matt Mercer often names Allura as his favorite NPC, and one he identifies the most.


Allura is a very popular character, both amongst the fans and the cast. When she showed up in Campaign 2, everybody collectively lost it[1].










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