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Pairing: Kelly/Yorkie
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: San Junipero / Black Mirror
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Popular
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Kelly/Yorkie is a femslash pairing from the Black Mirror series.


Kelly/Yorkie has become the Juggernaut Ship of Black Mirror, a series not known for shipping many of its characters thanks to the often grim nature of the series itself. As noted by autostraddle:

Let’s be honest: no one is looking to Black Mirror for uplifting storylines, let alone uplifting queer storylines. The series focuses on the ways in which technology reveals our worst traits and impulses; it’s usually a downer. Who would have thought that the bleak waters of Black Mirror would give us one of the most enduring and uplifting queer love stories of 2016? “San Junipero” took us all by surprise with it’s twisty love story of Yorkie and Kelly, two women who traverse time and distance to find each other. While the conceit of the episode is classic sci-fi, it is the grounded, human love story that elevates the romance between the shy, introverted Yorkie and the wild party girl Kelly. Their tentative flirtations, fears, and very tender sex scene strike a chord of familiarity that every queer woman can relate too.[1]

Because of the importance of the song Heaven is a Place on Earth, which plays in the opening and ending of the episode, many have come to associate the pairing with it and often use lyrics from the song within fanworks.


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