Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford/Jack Shephard

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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford/Jack Shephard
Alternative name(s): Skack, JKS
Gender category: Poly
Fandom: Lost
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
Other: Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford‎‎
Kate Austen/Jack Shephard‎‎
James "Sawyer" Ford/Jack Shephard
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Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford/Jack Shephard is the poly pairing of Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford and Jack Shephard in Lost fandom.

It is the inverse of the Jate vs Skate ship war. It is also the OT3 synthesis of the ships:

  1. Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford‎‎
  2. Kate Austen/Jack Shephard‎‎
  3. James "Sawyer" Ford/Jack Shephard


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Love Triangle: pairing the characters in an OT3 may have been a way for fans to resolve the canonical love triangle
  • Threesome: their three way relationship is purely sexual



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