Jack Shephard

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Name: Jack Shephard
Occupation: Doctor
Fandom: Lost
Other: played by Matthew Fox
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Jack Shephard is a fictional character from Lost, and was portrayed by Matthew Fox.


In the canon of the show, Jack is a spinal surgeon who becomes the de-facto leader of the survivors of Flight 815's fuselage. He is a primary protagonist.


Jack can be a controversial and divisive character among fans of the show. While positioned as the protagonist, many fans consider him to be emotionally unstable, violent, and misogynistic. Other fans considered him heroic and self-sacrificing.

He is notable for his "beard of sorrow" (Jeard) as well as his habit of crying regularly in later seasons of the show, a phenomenon known among fans as 'Jears'. The term was created by Ack Attack[1], a BNF in LOST fandom, and was almost universally adopted. The term Jears was so notable that Urban Dictionary has a top definition as follows:

Short for "Jack's tears", an online joke about how often Jack Shephard cries on ABC's LOST television program. Fandom bloggers recap episodes according to a Jears-O-Meter and create macros about Jack's emotional instability.

Ack-Attack: "Matthew Fox needs lessons from Jeffrey Dean Morgan on how to cry like a man! *jears*"

"It was like 80 degrees with a 100% chance of JEARSTORMS!!!!"

Painting big blue teardrops on Jack's photos with MS Paint. [2]

Additionally, Jears was a popular meme within and throughout the fandom. A Tumblr blog "fuckyeahjears" was created specifically to highlight instances of Jears throughout the show via edits, artwork, and gifsets. A Facebook page also existed for Jears.



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