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For the fan writer and graphics maker, see Kasiopeia.
Name: Kasiopea
Alias(es): Catherine Karina Chmiel or Chmiel-Gugulska
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Tolkien & others
URL: website (via WBM); Kasiopea Art; @Council of Elrond
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Kasiopea is a fan artist known for her work in Tolkien fandom, particularly for The Silmarillion. She has been active since around 2002. She works in watercolour, pen & ink and pencil. She focuses on Maeglin, Fëanor and his family, especially Maedhros & Maglor, and in The Lord of the Rings, Boromir & Faramir and their family. Her art is not based on the Peter Jackson films. A little of her work has appeared in zines, including the cover art for The Noble Steward's Chronicles volume 5.

She does not permit any use of her art, stating: All materials are copyrighted. Any usage, including printing and placing graphics in places other than this website, is strictly prohibited![1]


Chmiel’s gallery is absolutely chock-full of lovely artwork. Here is her Feanorian gallery, which also has one of my favourite depictions of Feanor (in which he looks more than a little deranged, as he should!) She also has a lot on Gondolin and on Gondor (particularly Boromir, with some Faramir and the rest of the family). (theironylady)[2]

Example Works


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