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Many fans of K/S call themselves "K/Sers."

While the term was used at times in the late 1970s and the 1980s to refer to fans of Kirk and Spock gen relationship stories, [1] it wasn't until the early to mid-1990s that the term became one that referred specifically to people who were fans of sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock.

Examples of Use

"The whole collection was filled with images of death and rebirth, of mourning losses, yet understanding love. Truly a beautiful, romantic K/S zine, one that would be perfect for the budding K/Ser." [2]

"Speaking of K/S and its meaning, a fellow K/Ser sent a wonderful articulate article to me by a Joanna Russ called "Another Addict Raves About K/S." Not only did I enjoy it despite my extreme reservations about too much analysis and over explaining, but whan I gave it to my totalty-non-understanding-about-K/S husband and he read it, a big lightbulb want on over his head and he said and I nearly quote "Now I see and I wish I could have someone like a Spock or a Kirk in my life."[3]

"Ah, well, at any rate, each and every IDICon was a K/Ser’s wet dream." [4]


  1. In the November/December 1978 issue of Scuttlebutt, the editor of Dreadnought Explorations writes: "Sure, maybe you're not Jean Lorrah. Or Spockanalia. Or writing Kraith. Or a member of the Landing Party Six. Or a K/Ser."
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