Just The Fics, Ma'am

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Name: Just The Fics, Ma'am
Date(s): 08 July 2001 - ?
Archivist: Lady Ana
Fandom: Due South
URL: http://www.justthefics.com/ (Wayback)
Just the Fics, Ma'am - The TA Fiction Archive.png
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Just The Fics, Ma'am is the archive of the Two Axes mailing list.

The index page in 2001 read:
This archive is the only Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio archive on the internet.
We enjoy Italian.
We call Fraser "Benny."
We like the 1971 Buick Riviera in Green.
If Real Ray and Classic Benny are not your cup of tea, please leave.
Much more often than not, the fiction we deal contains slash of the m/m variety and mature subject matter. If you can't handle that, or aren't old enough, please leave.
If you're up to it, please come inside.