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Newsletter Community
Name: Due South Reporter
Date(s): July 1, 2002 - August 19, 2004
Moderator: Speranza, Beth H, Rustler, LauraKaye, Laura Shapiro, & others (add)
Founder: Speranza
Fandom: DS
URL: http://dsreporter.livejournal.com/

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Due South Reporter was an early, if not the first, Due South community on LJ.[1] The Due South Reporter compiled links to gen, het, and both Ray slash fiction. The community was initially founded as an anonymous enterprise in the still-hostile environment of the late Ray Wars.

The community's LJ profile states:

Who is DS Reporter? We are lots of people. We are Fraser-people, Vecchio-people, Kowalski-people, Frannie-people; we are slash and het and gen; we swing every Ray but loose. We are members of different lists--all the many different lists--that make up DS fandom. We read different archives and we have different friends. But we share this newspaper, and we share the password. We have different fannish "beats" and we report back from our fannish corners. We don't all like or read what we're reporting, but we report as much of it as we can. We aim for a house style so that you can't tell one of us from another, and so that the site stays relatively uncluttered. We aim for neutrality and completeness.
What we all have in common is a need for a centralized site in an increasingly fragmented fannish world. We'd like there to be more DS fiction and art and vids and conversation. Please use our comments section to discuss and review and hobnob.

As noted above, the community had a series of "reporters" work beats and post links: there were people assigned to monitor the various mailing lists and archives (there were not very many LJ communites yet) and to collect links to DS work of all kinds. In the highly divided culture of Due South fandom in 2002, there was not much in the way of "one-stop shopping" for fanfiction, which was balkanized into factions. The community's "house style" and neutral tone were also a deliberate attempt to calm and unifying a fractured fandom; tensions were high, and people often spoke disparagingly of stories from other parts of the fandom. This was not permitted at the Due South Reporter.

The Due South Reporter, which was the grandmother of many of the newsletter LJ communities that were later created, was active for over two years. The community happily closed up shop on August 19, 2004, noting:

When we started this site two years ago, we were the only due South-centric LJ on the web; now there are communities to meet almost every fannish need, including ds_discourse for show chat, ds_flashfiction for fic challenges, ds_flashback for classic recs, ds_icons for icons, ds_writers for story queries and help, men_of_duesouth for art updates, crack_van for new recs, and now ds_noticeboard, where people can collectively post their own DS stories and news, thus rendering us obsolete.


  1. ^ Technically speaking, the Due South Reporter was not a LJ community. DS Reporter was a single user journal run like a newspaper, in which the admins all shared a single password. When actual Livejournal communities became popular, the Reporter was disbanded in favor of the 'post-your-own-links' style ds_noticeboard. But it prefigured the community idea in that it was a journal you subscribed to for a fandom, not an individual.