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Journal Community
Name: Due South Flashback aka DS_Flashback
Date(s): June 2003 - July 2004
Moderator: Speranza
Founder: Speranza
Type: recs livejournal community
Fandom: Due South
URL: http://ds-flashback.livejournal.com/ https://ds-flashback.dreamwidth.org/

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The goal of DS_Flashback was to remind members of "older stories you loved, underrated classics, or terrific stories you might have missed" in Due South. Founded by Speranza in 2003, it was partly a ways to heal the wounds created by the Ray Wars because it explicitly asked for older stories (written by earlier generations of, in some cases, alienated fans) and was explicitly welcoming of "slash, gen, and het" as well as "various parings."

The community was structured much like crack_van would be, later that year; a group of reccers signed up in advance to provide a rec for one day of the week--Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc--for two months; that is to say, for eight recs. Because communities hadn't yet been introduced on LJ, DS_flashback was simply a user and everyone shared the log-in and password; when communities were introduced, DS_flashfiction closed down and traffic was directed to the new, communal DS Noticeboard. Other DS rec communities stepped up to fill the void, including DS Recs and DS_Recsredux.

At users' request, as of January 7, 2018, DS_Flashback has been imported for preservation purposes to Dreamwidth; you can find it at DS_Flashback. There has been some interest in updating the links on the recommended stories to go to the AO3 now that the DSA has been preserved there as well as the work of many DS fans; people who are interested in being admins or updating links should contact Speranza.