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Journal Community
Name: dS Discourse
Date(s): Created on 3 August 2003
Moderator: bluster
Founder: bluster
Type: canon discussion/meta
Fandom: Due South
URL: https://ds-discourse.livejournal.com/profile

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dS Discourse is a LiveJournal community for discussing the Canadian television show Due South that was active 2003-2006.

Rules from the profile page:

This community was created to give due South fans of all persuasions a place to discuss the episodes, characters, and anything else related to the show itself. No season or pairing is off-topic. Do you have a strictly het or gen take on the show? Come on in and join the discussion!

1) This community is open to all points of view, which means people won't always agree. Discussion is good. Flaming is not. Flames will be deleted and repeated flaming will get you banned. In the almost two years this community has been going this has never been a problem and hopefully that will continue.

2) Let me say this as clearly as possible: This community has one purpose and one purpose only...discussion of the show due South. This means just what it says. If your post is not specifically related to discussing some aspect of the show then it is probably off-topic. We welcome meta posts or specific questions about an episode, but it must be about the show. All OT posts will be deleted. [1]

As of January 2021, the community has 230 posts; 2,063 comments; and 212 members.[1]


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