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Name: Rustler
Alias(es): Rowan Fairchild
Type: fanfic writer
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis, Oz (HBO), Due South, The Lost Boys, The Wire, Hard Core Logo
URL: website (older version)
LJ, DW (deleted)
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Rustler, previously known as Rowan Fairchild, is a fanfiction writer.


'Rustler' is slang for 'troublemaker' (which is totally my middle name, ask around.) I've been doing this fangirl thing for over a decade now, so I guess I'm here to stay. I used to write under the name Rowan Fairchild, and a lot of my fannish friends still call me Rowan -- because they're creatures of habit...or I remind them of a tree. I'm not sure.

I've written in: SGA, The Wire, Oz, Due South, Hard Core Logo, The Lost Boys, Aliens [...]

Response/Remixing/Etc.: Have at it! I don't believe permission is required to respond to publicly posted/aired works, but you have mine anyway.[1]


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