Two Axes

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Mailing List
Name: Two Axes
Date(s): ? - present
Type: pairing-centric
Fandom: Due South
Scope: Fraser/Vecchio
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Two Axes is a mailing list and an archive - also known as Just The Fics, Ma'am - dedicated to Fraser/Vecchio slash in the Due South fandom. The Two Axes Mailing List is now on Yahoo! Groups, though it was an eGroup before that. (The yahoogroup archive started in June, 2000.)

The title "Two Axes" comes from the canon exchange between Fraser and Vecchio in the episode Letting Go. Fraser and Vecchio discuss rebuilding Fraser's cabin, which Victoria has burned down, and Fraser tells Vecchio, "I have two axes. Two." In her review of the episode, Mailin interprets this as Fraser "repeating the 'two' as if revising the image of his future, and the person with which he will spend that future."[1]

The Two Axes List is highly OTP and was in the past aggressively hostile to Fraser/Kowalski slash and Due South season three in general, so much so that the mailing list description describes Vecchio as "The one true Ray" and notes that, "On TwoAxes derogatory remarks about the third season, especially RayK bashing, while not required, are actively encouraged! If you are not comfortable with this, now is the time to leave. Don't let the screen door hit you." [2]

However, tensions in the Due South fandom have eased considerably in recent years, to the point that most DS fans now consider the Ray Wars to be definitively over, and many members of Two Axes share space comfortably on LiveJournal and elsewhere with Fraser/Kowalski fangirls as well as other gen and slash DS fans.

The mailing list maintains a web archive for fan fiction called Just The Fics, Ma'am.


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