Just Deserts

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Title: Just Deserts
Publisher: Ashton Press
Editor(s): Ann Wortham
Date(s): 1985-1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Just Deserts is a gen Rat Patrol fiction and art anthology.

Issue 1

cover issue #1, art by Laura Virgil
a flyer for issue #1, printed on the back of Southern Seven #1
a flyer for issue #1, printed in Far Realms #7

Just Deserts 1 was published in November 1985 and has 128 pages.

The cover is by Laura Virgil. The interior art is by Mary Otten, Laura Virgil, Dani Lane, and Vicki Brinkmeir.

The editor was Ann Wortham, the co-editor was L.A. Carr.

200 copies were printed.

From the editorial:

First off, let me say that this zine is not my fault. Not one little bit of it! Oh, I did the typing and the layout (and paid the printer—yikes!) and edited, etc. but it wasn't my idea. The original idea (more like an order) for the zine came from fellow Texan Linda Knights, who is so prolific that she needed a place to publish some of her RAT PATROL stories. So, she said to me (knowing what a sucker I am), "why don't you publish an all-RAT PATROL zine? Wouldn't that be FUN?" And, like the fool I am, I said, "I will if you send me something." Of course, she sent me something. Uh-oh. Okay, so I was stuck. Next order of business was to think of a title. All of my zines start with the word 'SOUTHERN' in the title. Somehow, SOUTHERN DESERTS didn't strike my fancy. So, I went to New York to think about it. Michele Rosenberg and Leah Rosenthal immediately dubbed the zine JUST DESERTS. I certainly hope they get THEIRS. They deserve it.

In any case, a zine was born and there will even be a second issue! It already contains two more installments in Linda Knight's "Need For Faith" trilogy, including the conclusion. Also, there will be a sequel to "The Nightmare Raid" and a few more surprises, including a Hitch story from L.A. Carr. Submissions are welcome as are LoCs. I love to hear from everybody (I just love mail—I even answer it!) but one word of warning here: as much as I enjoy meeting new people (even if it's only through the mail), I will not tolerate rudeness of any kind! If you have a problem with your copy of the zine or something, then by all means write me about it—you're entitled to what you've paid for. However, if I receive any rude or sarcastic letters, they will be immediately deposited in the trash without benefit of reply. Enough said.


A short word about the stories in the zine and then I'll let them speak for themselves. Please remember that these are works of fiction and amateur works, at that. Although it is nice to see historically accurate stories, neither I nor my contributors are historians. I am fairly knowledgeable about North Africa but am, by nc means, an expert. In any case, RAT PATROL was inaccurate all the way down the line. It was the British who operated Long Range Desert Patrols, not the Americans (although the forces were multi-national). Also, the guys get hurt a lot between these pages—especially poor Mark Hitchcock. We're all well aware that no one could survive the beating these fellows took and not be sent home — but they did it on the series, too. So there. Finally, zines are for 'what if stories. If all we're going to do is rehash something that could pass as an old episode, why bother? The whole point of fan writing is to speculate, to give the guys some emotions, etc. It's OUR game, now.

  • From Behind the Fifty, editorial by Ann "Sarge" Wortham (2)
  • From the Driver's Seat, editorial by L.A. "Hitch" Carr (3)
  • The Sweet Dreams Raid by Lorraine Bartlett ("Troy is having a hard time dealing with conflicting feelings toward Dietrich and matters can only get worse when his worst nightmare begins to come true." Another summary: "Dietrich is really sick of the Rat Patrol wiping out his men and blowing up his supplies and machine gunning his trucks and—well, you get the idea. Dietrich is going to do something about it") (4)
  • The Need For Faith Raid by Linda Knights ("The patrol is faced to leave an injured Moffitt behind when duty calls. Of course, they get into trouble.") (some sequels appear to be in The G-2 Files) (68)
  • The Ashes to Ashes Raid by Cathy Bryson & Carol Jenkins ("The Rat Patrol return to North Africa many years after the war to pay tribute to Moffitt's father.") (28)
  • The Sons of the Desert Raid by Diane Farnsworth (34)
  • The Thicker Than Water Raid by L.A. Carr (42)
  • The Nightmare Raid by Allen Quale ("Hitchcock just can not stay out of trouble lately. Only this time, it's defiantly not his fault... Will Sam Troy be able to live with the fact that it is not his fault?") (52)
  • A Is For Arab by N.D. Jones (89)
  • For The Love of the Homeland by CarolMel Ambassador (91)
  • The Fedora Raid by Susan Hall ("Bet you can't guess who the fedora belongs to?") (crossover with Indiana Jones) (92)
  • Honored Opponent by CarolMel Ambassador (101)
  • The Mirror Twin Raid by Diane Farnsworth ("Dietrich and Troy are more alike than either would like to admit.") (102)
  • Unspoken Agreement by CarolMel Ambassador (117)
  • The Tea and Crumpets Raid by Susanne McGhin ("Moffitt finds some unusual help when he is lost in the desert with the German army surrounding him.") (111)
  • The Friend Indeed Raid by L.A. Carr ("Poor Mark Hitchcock in in trouble again, only this time a stranger comes to his aid.") (118)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Lori Brown
flyer for issue #2

Just Deserts 2 was published in February 1987 and is 113 pages long.

The interior illos are cartoons by Colleen Winters.

NOTE: Issue #1's flyer said "Aftermath" by Allen Quale would appear in this issue, but it did not.

Contains stories in the The Need for Faith series by Linda Knights.

  • From Behind the Fifty (2)
  • Letters of Comment (3)
  • Merry Christmas, Sarge by D.C. Gerhart (Hitch and Tully surprise Troy for Christmas) (8)
  • The Time of Testing Raid by Linda Knights (9)
  • As The Twig is Bent by Marcia Brin (A hitman awaits the chance to assassinate Senator Sam Troy.) (38)
  • Common Paths, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (39)
  • The Doctor is in Raid by JoLynn Horvath (When Dietrich is seriously wounded in a battle, his sergeant takes him to an aid station run by a Swiss neutral--where he encounters the Rat Patrol.) (40)
  • Enemy by Name by CarolMel Ambassador (A moment out of the episode in which Dietrich blinds Troy.) (62)
  • The Aryan Raid by L.A. Carr (Sequel to "Thicker than Water Raid". A Nazi scientist captures and brainwashes Aryan-looking enemy soldiers to be good Germans -- and he captures Mark Hitchcock.) (64)
  • Not Quite an Enemy, Not Quite a Friend by JoLynn Horvath (Troy and Dietrich reflect on their relationship, whatever it may be.) (71)
  • Assurance, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (73)
  • In Definition: A Traitor by Linda Knights (74)
  • The Cross Country Raid by Colleen Winters (With his men ailing in a camp behind enemy lines, Dietrich must find an original way to get medicine to them.) (96)