Jonathan Waite

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Name: Jonathan Waite
Alias(es): Zander Nyrond
Type: filker, fanwriter
Fandoms: Blake's 7, D&D
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Jonathan describes himself as tall and unkempt; he is, however, better known as Zander Nyrond, a "logical necessity" and principal POV charater for his narrative cosmos.

He is a renowned filker, prodigous author, excellent artist and musician, and utterly unconvinced of his own merits. He wrote (or co-wrote, depending on whether you listen to him or his semi-brother Soren) "Sam's Song", which has become an anthem in Euro-American filk, as well as a series of stories about the Nyronds, various fanfics about "Blake's 7", D&D, and other media memes.

Given a tune and half an hour he can produce a filk on (almost) any topic; given words, he can craft a tune; given a little time to study and an inspiration, he can pastiche most authoirs living or dead, and given a keyboard he will improvise material out of thin air (right up to symphonies).

He has no idea how prodigious his talents are, *can* cook SpagBol, and lives with the Countess and multiple cats in a small house in Wiltshire.

Update: Jonathan now has several books published, through, and is also releasing bits of his stories through