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Filk Songbook
Title: On Filkey Moor
Publisher: produced for Beccon Publications by Roger Robinson and Richard Edwards, out of Essex, England
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On Filkey Moor is a filk songbook of British filk songs.

Issue 1

Issue 2

On Filkey Moor 2 was published in October 1988 and contains 123 pages.

It was compiled by Gytha North. The art is by Sue Mason, Zander Nyrond, and DJ (Diana J Bass).

From the songbook:

I was feeling good about the state of filking in Britain when I finished "THE OLD GREY WASSAIL TEST" in 1987 - but I'm feeling even better now. The Filk Concert at the 1987 Worldcon in Brighton went well - except for the technical problems which meant we had no tape. The Filk Concert at Follycon - the British National convention held in Liverpool at Easter 1988 - surpassed all my expectations. The number of people singing and writing seems to be increasing exponentially. So this second volume of British Filk Songs is somewhat larger than the first - and we have been able to include chords and/or music for some of the songs. Also there will be at least one tape - available early in 1989.

As you may have spotted from the contents list this book is divided into four sections as follows :

1 - Songs about Filking (the incestuous section!)
2 - Songs about conventions.
3 - Songs inspired by fiction, comics, TV, film, etc
4 - Uncategorised/uncategorisable songs.
Special thanks to Phil Allcock for the title of this book. After he suggested it I told him NO - we can't use that under any circumstance. I'm looking forward to seeing his face when he sees the first copy !


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