Jonathan Kent/Lana Lang

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Pairing: Jonathan Kent/Lana Lang
Alternative name(s): Lanathan, Jonathan/Lana, Lana/Jonathan, JK/LL
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Smallville
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: extremely rare
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Jonathan/Lana is a rarepair of Jonathan Kent and Lana Lang from Smallville.


Jonathan/Lana pairing was created by shadowglove88 with her Taking Chances series, aka the Lanathan Series, at LiveJournal. Despite positive response of fans, the pairing never quite took off, with only one other person wrote a one-shot with the pairing.


  • Taking Chances by shadowglove88, Chloe wondered how Clark would react to knowing that Lana and Jonathan had fallen in love...but tonight she doesn't wonder, she's on a mission to get Lana and Jonathan to finally admit their real feelings for each other. (AU, Chloe's POV, a little Chruce, Part 1 of Lanathan series)
  • Breaking Tradition by shadowglove88, A year has passed and today Jonathan and Lana are getting married---if Chloe can just get both the bride and groom to relax and stop panicking. (Part 3 of Lanathan Series. Chloe's POV; some Chloe/AC & Lollie)
  • Rough Touches by R00K13, Lana was still shaking from her ordeal with Adam when she decided she need air, the barn her destination. After the end of it all she wont be looking at the barn the same way again. Nor will she look at Johnathan the same way.