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Pairing: Pocahontas/John Smith
Alternative name(s): Team Smith
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Pocahontas
Canonical?: Canon
"illustration of John Smith and Pocahontas facing each with their heads almost touching"
Speed Pocahontas by TamagoStudio (2011)
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Pocahontas/John Smith is a Pocahontas pairing of John Smith and Pocahontas.



Fans who prefer to see Pocahontas paired with John Smith are often referred to as members of Team Smith.

Despite the historical inaccuracies of the story portrayed in Pocahontas film, many fans of the film fell in love with the Pocahontas/John Smith pairing - considering it a true love pairing in the Disney Fandom with everything they had to deal with in the film.

With the Pocahontas 10th Anniversary Edition DVD in 2005 release, a unreleased song, If I Never Knew You, and deleted scene between John and Pocahontas was revealed. The scene was especially enjoyed by Pocahontas/John fans as it showed how much both loved each other.

The release of the second film in 2008 had Pocahontas going to London and falling in love with John Rolfe. This disappointed fans, despite knowing the fact that it was closer to what happened in real life as well. A common headcanon between Pocahontas/John Smith fans is that the second film, Pocahontas II, never happened due to this fact.

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