Jin Ling/Lan Sizhui

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Pairing: Jin Ling (Jin Rulan)/Lan Sizhui (Lan Yuan)
Alternative name(s): Jin Ling/Lan Sizhui, Jin Rulan/Lan Yuan, Zhuiling
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi, The Untamed
Canonical?: Fanon, friends
Prevalence: moderate
Archives: Jīn Líng | Jīn Líng/Lán Sīzhuī | Lán Sīzhuī Works on AO3
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Zhuiling is the slash pairing of Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling from the Mo Dao Zu Shi fandom and fandoms for its subsequent adaptations, including The Untamed. "Zhuiling" is a portmanteau of both characters' courtesy names. The relationship is fanon. In canon, they are close friends.

The ship is a popular pairing in Mao Do Zu Shi and The Untamed fandoms, and tenth most popular according to AO3.


Lan Sizhui and Jin Ling consider each other to be friends. Though at first Jin Ling was at first rude to Lan Sizhui, the latter's kindness led to their close friendship. They, along with Lan Jingyi and Ouyang Zizhen, regularly go night hunting together.


Due to Jin Ling being Wei Wuxian's nephew and Wei Wuxian being Lan Sizhui's adopted father, some people consider Zhuiling to be incest. Though it may be considered incestuous as they could be considered cousins, neither of them are related by blood and consider each other friends in canon. The possibly incestuous ship, along with Chengxian, are criticized by many western fans. More information about this can be found in Western LGBT fans and entitlement.

Popular Tropes in Fanworks

Fluff, post-canon, and alternate universes in modern settings are all popular tropes within zhuiling fanfiction.


Western LGBT fans and entitlement