Jeanne Gomoll

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Name: Jeanne Gomoll
Type: zines, fan art, conventions, meta
Fandoms: science fiction
URL: tbd
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Jeanne Gomoll has been active in science fiction fandom for many decades. She played a crucial role in establishing the feminist SF zine Janus and the feminist SF convention and conference WisCon, wrote and edited numerous essays and zines[1], and was nominated several times for a Hugo Award in fanwork-related categories[2] in her capacity as a fan artist and fan editor.[3] She was a North American delegate to Europe for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund in 1987.

From Jeanne Gomoll's bio on the website of Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention where she was Fan Guest of Honor:

Jeanne Gomoll discovered local fandom in the want ads of a Madison University newspaper in 1974 and soon began contributing art, articles and fiction as well as co-editing the fanzine, Janus. She was subsequently honoured by several Hugo nominations as a fan editor and fan artist. She joined The Women's APA, and began planning the first Wiscon (‘the world's leading feminist science fiction convention’); she has been active on Wiscon's committee for 37 years. Partially through the experience she gained doing design and artwork for Janusand other fanzines, she settled into her dream job as a graphic designer for the Wisconsin department of natural resources. (...) She chaired Wiscon 20 and 30, co-chaired Corflu 10, chaired a panel of Tiptree judges in 1993, and serves to this day on the Tiptree Award motherboard.[4]


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