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Name: j_gabrielle
Alias(es): Gab
Type: fan writer, podcaster
Fandoms: multifandom, Black Panther, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Hannibal, James Bond, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Pacific Rim, Teen Wolf, The Hobbit, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Old Guard, The Witcher, Word of Honor, others
Other: at Podcast
URL: j_gabrielle at Archive of Our Own
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j_gabrielle is a Malaysian multifandom fanwriter who also has a podcast Randoming of the Randomness Podcast dedicated to review movies and talk about fannish things.[1] Gab considers herself a fannish writer filled with wanderlust.


(Warning: Fanworks may include spoilers)


Single Works

  • Progression Of Things » People seem to get the wrong idea about Harry and Eggsy, but you won't find much protest from Harry in that corner either.
  • Hands Off My Mongoose » Written for a prompt [2] over on the kink meme OR The 4 times Hannibal got jealous and the one time he had nothing to be jealous about.
  • Little Green Monsters » Turning to the mark he feels a dark thrill curl in his chest. The way the man is gripping the chair is a testament to how they both look - a well-dressed man of power and his two-bit whore.
  • Poison The Man's Bread » Filled for this prompt on the kink meme[3]: The last things Graves expects is to be woken up at midnight by a loud, angry no-maj at his door, threatening to kill him if his best friend Newt gets hurt by their relationship. It's even more awkward considering said best friend is currently sleeping in his bed, too fucked out to notice what's going on.
  • Be Nice » Written for the kinkmeme prompt[4]: I have the sudden need for this pairing so I'd really love to see some consensual sex with Graves (or GrindelGraves) fucking Newt against a desk, especially with Newt enjoying himself and being vocal about how much he loves it.
  • Our House » Friday nights after work on the couch watching the telly and laughing, mornings spent waking up to him and him alone, taking care of him because he forgets to do it when he’s too caught up making sure everyone else it safe. He wants to no longer be alone.
  • Catch Me When I Fall » For the kink meme prompt: Hermann used to be bullied as a child, and is WILDLY insecure about EVERYTHING. Newton on the other hand, is the most confident person, to ever grace their lab. Maybe they go out drinking with the Jaeger pilots (hysterically ignoring the ending of the movie so i wont start sobbing) and they run into some people who used to bully Hermann, and Newton and the others will not stand for it... Give me fluff! Bonuses! ~Newton and Hermann were in an actual relationship before this happens ~Chuck and Raleigh are freakishly protective of them Mega bonus if Mako or Newton beats the bejesus out of one (or more) of them[5]
  • Waterloo (or A Couch Is Ruined Forever) » The sight of his Omega slick smeared around Ilya's ridiculous mouth and the dark liquid stains on his shirt front makes his cock jump.


  1. For The Love Of Erebor » Written for the prompt:- Modern AU in which Thorin is a busy businessman (has a building/destroying company?;) who one day is informed that his sister and her husband died in an accident and he is the only one who can take care of his nephews. He loves them with all his heart, but Fili and Kili (6 and 4 respectively) are a handful at the best of times (these are cartainly not the best) and he has a company to run and there's only so many times a man can bring his boys to play at the building site. His workers/friends try to help him out and god bless him he IS trying, but it's not going well. Until one day Thorin's new next door neighbour knocks on the door to borrow something/use a phone/whateva and sees the pandemonium that is Thorin trying to get Kili to eat his oatmeal - and steps in without much ado, showing the man how it's done. Poor Bilbo doesn't even suspect that this day marked him as a perfect future babysitter/ a gift from heavens for the Oakenshield family.
  2. This Kiss (Thorin's POV) » The five kisses Thorin and Bilbo shared.
  3. This Kiss (Bilbo's POV) » The five kisses that Bilbo and Thorin shared.
  4. A Place In Our Hearts » Thorin's packing for a catch, and has an interesting conversation with Fili.
  1. murder business » Before he can even part his lips to shape around a censure, his Shidi charges forth, fan slashing and disembowelling with an ease that flowed from him like a refreshing summer breeze. Zhou Zishu sighs. "You couldn’t have left at least one alive?"
  2. My name is whatever you decide » The syllables of his name linger on the tip of his tongue. Sitting heavy, shaped like a blessing and a curse all at once. But Zishu doesn't know if it is the right name to speak to life.
  1. what the water gave me » There's a merman in their bathroom. He sleeps in their tub, head tucked to the side, sandy blonde hair brushed to the side with the sluggishly healing wound on his scalp. Nicolò knows that there is some level of insanity here but Yusuf had gasped his name desperately, saltwater drenching him whilst dragging the unconscious merman out of the roiling waves that had given him up in the storm. And there had been no looking back after that.
  2. and all this longing » Sebastien had only wanted a look.
  3. And the bargain must be made » The merman cannot stay, Yusuf knows as much.


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