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Name: Jen Ingram, formerly Jen Chapman
Alias(es): JA Chapman JA Ingram LaDemonessa
Type: Fan Writer, Moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Arrow
Communities: ASCEM, Fuh-q, TrekSmut University, AO3
URL: or (added by Jen Chapman]
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Jen is considered to be one of the most canonical of G/B authors, her characterization closest to that of the show with works such as the G/B Mysteries and Acts of Kindness being frequently cited as examples. She's known for her very long and complex plots as well as her ribald and often cutting humor and The Garak/Bashir Mysteries. The series has since been cited by many as 'the masterwork of the Garak/Bashir genre' both for their complexity as well as their roots in canon that slowly turns into an AU, albeit a very believable and detailed alternate universe, that many devotees have agreed rivals canon itself.

Jen is also known for her breakthrough invention of a genre of Treksmut fanfiction known as TSUs. TrekSmut University (TSU) was the first of its kind and spawned several collaborative efforts such as the Fuh-Q Fests which were originally based on one of the titles of a TSU written by Jen and Olivia Montieth. The Fuh-Q Fests took on a life of their own and now span many, many fandoms but originated on ASCEM/L.

The TSUs began when a media studies student mention that they were studying fanfiction and wished to write their thesis on the subject using the material on the ASCEM newsgroup. Shortly before that, the documentary 'Trekkies' had come out which many felt portrayed the fans in a very poor light. There was a great deal of unrest among the authors and fans and many were quite verbal in their reluctance to be studied or to have their work published in the student's thesis. Jen, thinking it was hilarious that people could get a degree in 'fanfiction', wrote the first story, TSU: There Oughta Be A Study; THE SCREENPLAY!

The stories were unique in that they took actual fanfiction authors and put them in a fictional university setting along with the fanon version of the characters they wrote about. The stories were not Mary Sue's, however, even though the authors wrote about interacting with the fictional characters. Instead, it was a gentle yet biting satire of fanfiction, fanon, as well as the community itself. Designed to get the different 'cliques' of fandoms to interact, it gently brought them together through ribald and self-deprecating humor. Most often the authors would criticize both themselves and the stories being written by them, the first being a gentle chastisement of the fandom's fear of being ridiculed by the university students studying them..

After the first TSU, Jen published several more and was joined by both Olivia Monteith and BGM, two other well known G/B authors. However, as well received as the stories were, many were reluctant to participate. Jen began a campaign to encourage others to write the TSUs only to be rejected at every turn until one author, Arachnethe2, contributed a story of her own. After that, the stories began to flood the newsgroup. The stories became so popular that they were recognized at Star Trek conventions where they occupied their own booth that sold school shirts as well as jewelry and other merchandise. Jen, in recognition for her contribution, was thereafter recognized as the 'founder' of TSU.

Following the publication of the series of novels known as The Garak/Bashir Mysteries, Jen briefly retired from fanfiction only to emerge eight years later in the Arrow fandom with the introduction of her ongoing novel Still Waters and Quiet Men; A Starling Mystery . It is told mainly from Felicity Smoak's POV and is a Batman/Arrow crossover which explores the origins of both the Birds of Prey as well as the Justice League. Written from the same third person limited POV of the G/B Mysteries, it is a far more light-hearted effort but still contains the elements of romance, angst, and mystery she has become known for. The Starling Mysteries are a planned trilogy and are currently in progress. As of this entry, Still Waters and Quiet Men is both the longest and most commented on Arrow fanfiction within the AO3 archive and is posted under the handle Lademonessa, a handle that was given to her by famed P/Q author Auntie Ruth Gifford who referred to Jen as LaDemonessa, the Demon of Mischief..

Some Fanworks

Currently known as JA Ingram or Jen Ingram and can be found on the [[|Archive of Our Own|AO3]] (An Archive of Our Own) under the handle LaDemonessa.

Jen is also one of the writers of the Garak/Bashir Mysteries for the DS9 fandom, the other being frequent co-writer and collaborator Charlene Vickers, as well as numerous other stories written mostly under her maiden name JA Chapman.

She's the founder of TSU and currently active in the Arrow fandom with a new mystery series: The Starling Mysteries as well as Shadow of the Quiet Man which are a series of short stories set in the Starling Universe she has dubbed 'Shadow Stories' which are essentially off-camera scenes set sometime within the timeline of the story that are referenced in her AU's 'canon' but not fully explored. All of her works can be found here: .

Many of her other fanworks, including The Garak/Bashir Mysteries are present on the archive as well.

Fan Organizations