Acts of Kindness

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Star Trek DS9 Fanfiction
Title: Acts of Kindness
Author(s): JA Chapman
Date(s): 1999
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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"Acts of Kindness " is a Star Trek: DS9 Garak/Bashir story by JA Chapman.

Reactions and Reviews

One of the highlights of DS9 to me was the friendship between Garak and Bashir. In "Acts of Kindness" we have a great example of their interactions at their best: Julian is frustrated by his lack of understanding of Cardassian literature and Garak offers to tell him an Enigma Tale and help him get its subtler points.

In many ways this reads like some of their best scenes on the show, with both characters trying to breach the cultural barrier between them and better understand each other. And it’s through this cultural exchange that we get the best part of the fic: the tale of the Vedek and the Soldier, the story within a story, which is told and later explained by Garak, giving us a fascinating insight into Cardassian culture.

All in all, an original and very well written fic. [1]


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