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Mailing List
Name: Fuh-q
Date(s): 1999? - present
Moderated: restricted membership
Founder(s): Jen Chapman and Charlene Vickers
Type: discussion
Fandom: Star Trek/general
URL: fuh-q at Yahoo! Groups
List webpage (archived by the Wayback Machine, Apr 2002) was Watsondog's Kennel
Fuh-q and your little dog too.png
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Fuh-q (also written Fuh-Q) is an email discussion list, currently hosted by YahooGroups, originally created by ascem members Jen Chapman and Charlene Vickers, and dating back to at least 1999.

The list reached its peak around 2001, but is still active as a small group of friends.

The term Fuh-Q Fest originated with this group.


The name "Fuh-Q" was originally the title of a TSU written by JA Chapman and Olivia Monteith. This title was later used as the name of a private Yahoo group started by several TSU writers and co-modded by JA Chapman and Charlene Vickers, who wanted to be able to discuss anything and everything considered off-topic on ASCEM and that had a more free-flowing vibe.

The name Fuh-Q is pronounced 'Fuck You', as the joke was "If you don't like what we're talking about, Fuh-Q." It was spelled as such because Yahoo! didn't accept groups with "Fuck" in the title.[1]

kira-nerys was a founding member of Fuh-Q and it was there that she first was inspired to start the Fuh-Q Fests which have now extended well beyond the Star Trek fandom but the original Fuh-Q Fest authors and collaborators began with this small group forever linking the fests with both ASCEML and TSU as well as Fuh-Q.


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