Charlene Vickers

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Name: Charlene Vickers
Alias(es): Watsondog
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, other Star Trek
URL: Charlene's Star Trek Fan Fiction
Charlene Vickers at Trekiverse
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Charlene Vickers was a Star Trek fan writer.

She frequently collaborated with Jen Chapman, including co-writing The Garak/Bashir Mysteries AU Series. She was also co-moderator of the Fuh-q mailing list with Jen Chapman.


Fan Reactions

She respects Neelix. That always makes an author popular with me. And she writes damn good stories. That helps, too. :) "A Happy Coincidence" was a refreshing explanation for the pure *idiocy* that called itself "Extreme Risk"-- sorry, am I ranting? Well, Charlene made it all better. But she's written many other notable stories as well, and she astounds me every time I find a new one. [1]


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