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Name: J.K. Rowling Fan Site Award
Date(s): 2004-2007
Associated Community:
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The J.K. Rowling Fan Site Award was an award given by J.K. Rowling Herself.

With the opening of the revamped J.K. Rowling Official Site in 2004, Rowling would periodically choose a Harry Potter fansite to receive her Fan Site Award.

2004 award icon from J.K. Rowling

Winning sites were linked to under a "Fan Sites" section of JKRowling.com and received a banner to include on their site. An award has not been awarded since December 2007. This date may coincide with the beginning of The Harry Potter Lexicon Trial.

Some Winners

Past Winners Include:

The following websites have received the award but their links have since been removed from JKR.com:

A Fan's Interpretation of the Icon

FSA symbol

The coat of arms that appears on the FSA Cup also appears in buttons on the home page of each of the winning sites, along with the date the award was given. Click here for an enlarged screenshot image of the HP Lexicon’s button.

The emblem has a shield with four quadrants, each one of the House colors: Crimson, green, yellow and blue.

There are four symbols: a book, a heart, a crystal ball, and a lightning bolt.

The acronym F-S-A is on a brass plate in the center.

Below the shield a scrolled ribbon bears four words that appear to be Latin, and possibly a phrase.

(I have attempted to decipher this, but my knowledge of Latin is lacking.): My best guess is the words Eruditis Amor Perbentia Nitidum which would roughly translate to:

  • Eruditis (teaching/knowledge)
  • Amor(love/passion)
  • Perbentia (well done)
  • Nitidus (bright, splendid)

Which would seem reasonable given Jo’s description of the award in the About section (not included on the Text Only version of the site). It reads: "It is truly humbling to see how many fans have taken the time and trouble to create fan sites dedicated to Harry Potter. This is why I have created the Fan Site Award, a trophy given for outstanding devotion to, and knowledge about, Harry Potter, not to mention the ingenuity and creativity that make a really memorable site." [1]

I also tried to make connections to the four symbols, but I suspect they are simply the obvious.

  • Book: Knowledge or perhaps the fact that these are books
  • Heart: Love, devotion
  • Crystal ball: probably referring to speculation of the story as takes place on most fansites, and a magical object
  • Lightning bolt: Harry’s scar, and/or the “flash” of a well done site. [2]


  1. ^ information now offline: J.K. Rowling's official website was revamped in 2012 when her adult novel, "A Casual Vacancy," was published. At that time, most of the Harry Potter information was removed and is now gone.
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