Intercon (US Star Trek convention)

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Name: Intercon
Dates: 1975-1976
Frequency: twice
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Organization: Intermountain Star Trek
Founding Date:
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Intercon was a con advertised as "a science fiction convention for Star Trek fans."

It was the first fan-run science fiction, Star Trek con in Utah.

At least one ad referred to it as "The Intermountain Star Trek/Science Fiction Convention."

This con was hosted by the same fans who produced The Communicator and The Transponder.


Intercon 1975 was held in Salt Lake City.

cover of the 1975 program book, art by T. Johnson

It was chaired by Julia Howarth, Susan Dastrup, Nerissa Wilhite, and Davie Wilhite.

The con skit was by Lucy Miner.

Guests were: Darren McGavin, Grace Lee Whitney.

This con's emphasis was on science fiction films, with some Star Trek: TOS and Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

The program book contains 60 pages and was edited by Brad Boyle and Mick Worthen. It includes:

  • descriptions of the science fiction films shown
  • the con com members
  • fiction, Star Trek: TOS, "The Stiff Affair" by Don Winner (20 pages)
  • fiction, original science fiction, "Dolomai Beast" by Gary Philips (6 pages)
  • fiction, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, "The Cannibals" by Susan Dastrup (13 pages)
  • an ad for Grace Lee Whitney's LPs
  • an ad for Doubleday science fiction books
  • an ad for the Star Trek Welcommittee


Intercon 1976 was held in Salt Lake City August 13-14, 1976. at the Tri-Arc Travelodge, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The guests were Alan Dean Foster, Jerry Pournelle, Bill Blake, Kathie Browne (Darren McGavin's wife), Darren McGavin, Grace Lee Whitney, Bob Wilkins, and the Trimbles.

The play performed at the con was called In Memorium, and it was sold in zine form in 1977.

Some more info, including some photos, is at: Intermountain Star Trek/Science Fiction Convention (Intercon) (1976), Archived version.

1976: Con Report

Although attendance was smaller than expected, INTERCON proved to be a real "fan" convention. The guest list was impressive: Grace Lee Whitney, Alan Dean Foster, Jerry Pournelle, John & Bjo Trimble and Bill Blake, make-up designer for PLANET OF THE APES. One of the biggest features of the Con was "Logan's Run" with original costumes flown in from Hollywood, film soundtracks and various items for sale. It was a great chance for the fans to get "close" to the stars--to discuss Star Trek, get autographs and just plain rap. The dealers room, although small, featured some very interesting pictures, artifacts, books and Star Trek memorabilia. Another of the good features was the film showings including "Forbidden Planet" and some of the best of the Star Trek episodes. The costume ball was not as successful as, I am sure, the Con Committee wanted it to be but, all in all, it went over well. Special thanks to Beverly Jones and Carol Andrus for their tiring efforts to make INTERCON a success. [1]


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