In and Out of Frame

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Title: In and Out of Frame
Author(s): wewillalwaysenduphere
Date(s): 23 August 2020 - 28 August 2020
Length: 9,013 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: In and Out of Frame (AO3)

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In and Out of Frame is a Yassen/Alex AU by wewillalwaysenduphere.

Summary: Yassen Gregorovich is a critically acclaimed, Academy Award winning actor. Alex Rider makes rom coms and action movies which often mistake special effects for plot. Alex wants to get into serious acting. Yassen accepts him as his co-star for a political drama. Their chemistry on-screen is unparalleled. Their relationship off-screen is even more interesting.

A scene from the story inspired The Singers and the Endless Song.

Recs and Reviews

Marvel Himbo!Alex is everything I didn’t know I needed. This is crack treated seriously, with gorgeous detail and a really compelling central relationship, but it is still very much crack. The dialogue and Alex’s inner commentary are spot-on, and there are one or two moments were painfully embarrassing in the best way, I spent most of the time reading it laughing! It’s really cleverly written and touches on some great themes beyond Alex’s mortification that he’s got a massive crush on his co-star. So yes. Highly recommend! Mature, complete. AU, Alex is in his early twenties.[1]