If You Could Read My Mind (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: If You Could Read My Mind
Author(s): Ariadne
Date(s): 2004
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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If You Could Read My Mind is a Kirk/Spock story by Ariadne.

It was published in the print zine First Time #58.


"As he pulls Spock away from Nomad, Kirk catches a disturbing image of the two of them in Spockʼs disjointed thoughts."

Reactions and Reviews

"If You Could Read My Mind" by Ariadne is a ten page story. I've forgotten what episode Nomad is in, but this is the a/u erotic version of what happens after. It's nicely written, and I enjoyed it. Surprisingly, there is no sex in this story, but it is still sexy. The ending, however, was a little abrupt for me. I would have preferred the story to have gone on a little bit longer. I'm not asking for a real explicit sex scene as I do not need to have actual penetration to happen in a story, but just a little more detail added to the story would have been nicer.[1]
This story uses the Nomad mind meld as the catalyst for Kirk and Spock discovering how they feel about each other. It starts soon after Spock’s mind meld with the Nomad probe, and we find out that Kirk is unsettled. While holding onto Spock afterwards in the corridor while Kirk listens to his report, a single erotic image of Kirk and Spock kissing in the shower burns its way into Kirk’s mind. Kirk has been obsessing ever since about this image that he realizes escaped Spock’s control when he was still so disoriented after the Nomad mind meld. I loved how Kirk got all flustered when Spock came to visit him in his quarters, and how he hacked into the medical records to check his and Spock’s medical files on their sexual orientation. After a lot of soul searching on Kirk’s part about himself and Spock, a visit to Wrigley’s planet, and a day spent with Spock, all is resolved most satisfactorily. Very pleasant and entertaining. [2]
The images of Kirk rescuing Spock from the chaotic mind meld with Nomad are an excellent springboard for speculation. The idea that something has bled over from Spock’s unsettled subconscious to Kirk’s is imaginative and new to me.

Kirk’s thoughts are so like what I would expect—it makes the story very enjoyable. Then they are together on Wrigley’s—which turns out to have some unexpected diversions. Though it’s nothing especially new, I loved Kirk’s declaration, “I’d rather be with you.” Simple, direct and complex at the same time.

The scene at the fountain is superb. One of the finest things about K/S is the warm feelings of love it conveys and this is a prime example. A fine little story. [3]


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