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You may be looking for the Professionals vid, I Walk the Line.

Title: Walk the Line
Creator: tv_elf
Date: 2006
Length: 2:56 minutes
Music: "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash
Fandom: Penguins
Footage: March of the Penguins
URL: original vid announcement[1] and streaming version online here
"Everyone is fine! And they walk the line!"

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"Awwwww." ~ audience reaction, Vividcon 2006

Walk the Line is a 3 minute fanvid filled with penguins waddling to Johnny Cash's Walk the Line.

The vid premiered at Vividcon 2006 where it was greeted with equal amounts of amusement and puzzlement as its topic and structure diverges from the typical vid show convention fare. The vid caused debate "over what was fannish source, what makes a vid a vid, etc."[2] But as one attendee pointed out "I never saw [Abby] get upset or angry over the debate, but neither did she let it diminish her own satisfaction in a vid that still defies you to watch it and not be happy."[3]


  • "awwwwww. So cute. :D"[4]
  • "Awwww. Penguins. I admit it. I liked the fluffy adorableness. Wasn't even remotely paying attention to length or other critical things, hee."[5]
  • "Penguins. And Johnny Cash. It's cute, if nothing else."[6]
  • "The general consensus, with which I agree, was that this was adorable but also too long. It would have been more effective if it were shorter. Abby responded that she had made it as a cheer-herself-up vid after a lousy year; she wouldn't want it to be any shorter because she just wanted to enjoy the adorable-ness."[7].
  • "I asked my friend who watched it last night what she thought - she loved it. Then I told her what you said to me after the VVC vidshow about the vid needing to be shorter: "Yes, I know it could've been shorter. But when you put one penguin in the timeline, you cannot stop with only a few." My friend nodded wisely and replied: "I have that problem with those stuffed penguins on sale at EBay all the time." <eg>"[8]
  • "Penguins! Walking the line! I can't even imagine what else I might need to say to get you to download this. Okay, wait, I can think of one thing you might want to know, because I really did, going in: no penguins are harmed during the course of this vid. ...Animal harm is my absolute deal-breaker. So, if you are like me: the parent penguins are fine! The fluffy baaaaaaaby penguins are fine! Everyone is fine! And they walk the line!"[9]
  • "Eeee! That is the adorablest thing ever! Also, my cats are endlessly fascinated by it."[10]


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