I Think I Know Where You Belong

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Title: I Think I Know Where You Belong or "The Taylor Swift AU" (part of the "Shortskirts Verse")
Author(s): twentysomething
Date(s): April 2010-Feb 2011
Length: ~7,000 words (first story)
Genre: slash, AU
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: dreamwidth link

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I Think I Know Where You Belong is a series of Supernatural AU slash stories written by twentysomething that focus on the Dean/Castiel pairing.

The first story I Think I Know Where You Belong was included on the sawedoff recs LJ community's final recommendation post.

Summary: ""Castiel wishes he wasn't this excited, but it's the best part of his night when Dean Winchester gets home from baseball practice." Dean is the boy next door and Cas is in the school band."

Stories in the Series

The main stories in the series are:

Links to all drabbles, WIPs and other story bits can be found under the shortskirts verse tag.

Works Inspired By The Story

fanmix cover by swing_set13

In 2010, swing-set13 created two fanmixes for the story


podbook cover by Cybel

In 2011, exmanhater recorded podfic of each story.

  • I Think I Know Where You Belong - 43 minutes
  • Everything Comes Naturally ~ 9:41 minutes
  • Gotta Be From Out of Town ~ 2,000 words
  • In the Closet ~ 2,000 works
  • audiobook at the Audiofic Archive.

Fandom Reactions

"I'm a huge sucker for college and high school AUs and this one is wonderful!! Definitely one of my favorite high school AUs ever. Sweet, somewhat clueless, nerdy!Cas and baseball star!Dean who live next door to each other and talk to each other by writing on pieces of paper and putting them up in their windows. Also? Best older brother Michael ever. He's hilarious, seriously."[3]

"So I loathe Taylor Swift, but I had to check this out. And it's the most adorable fluff ever! It's like a Dean/Cas 80's teen romance movie, okay? And she has also written some awesome follow up ficlets when they are in college."[4]

"This fic is ~MAGICAL~ in all the best ways! I honestly thought it'd be outright crack... It'd be so easy to make it outright crack, but you wove it with heart, schmoop and sweetness, and you eased out some of the more awkward bits of the actual Taylor Swift video. This reworked relationship between Castiel and Dean isn't colouring in the lines -- it's them, plus so much more, AND I LOVE THIS FIC SO."[5]

Note: when the podfic pages are created move the commentary to those pages:

"Very much enjoying the lovely way you read this 'verse, you have such a delightfully smooth and affectionate way of reading both this and Under His Skin, had to comment to let you know how much I've enjoyed them both..."[6]


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