I'm On A Boat

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Title: I'm On A Boat
Creator: Kiki miserychic
Date: May 2009
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:36 mins
Music: I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island
Genre: parody
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Footage: Star Trek (2009)
URL: on YouTube,
announcement post on LiveJournal with dl links

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This vid by Kiki miserychic expresses the widespread fannish joy over the 2009 Star Trek movie; it also captures the reboot's younger, more frat-boyish tone compared to the original series.

It was featured in both the "24/7" 2010: The State of the Art in DIY Video and the Open Video Conference 2010 vidshows.

Like sparkly_stuff's Reboot Star Trek picspam I'm On A Ship, the vid was inspired by The Lonely Island's hip hop song I'm on a Boat.

Recs and Reactions

  • "This was SO much fun! Not only that, it's extremely well put together. Like wow. The connections and motion are unrelentingly brilliant."[1]
  • "[...] this vid is fantastic fun. As always kiki_miserychic makes superb use of camera movement, internal motion and quick cuts to create a really awesome visual experience. The vid moves with the song and captures the cracked-out optimistic, aggressive feel of the movie perfectly. I think, though, what I really love about it is how the song, despite being, on the face of it, another song about how awesome some rapper is, is so...naive and, um, sweet? Like, OMFG, I HAVE A THING!! Which really, is the entirety of Star Trek, both in terms of the characters getting their boat, and us watching it."[2]
  • "Star Trek (the film) didn't press my buttons but the vid totally did. So much damn FUN! Makes me wish I were in the fandom so that this could be my anthem!"[3]


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