"24/7" 2010: The State of the Art in DIY Video

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Event: remix video show
Participants: 24/7 2010: The State of the Art in DIY Video
Date(s): premiered October 5, 2010
Type: vid, prv, machinima, amv
Fandom: multi
URL: http://www.video24-7.org/247_2010/program.html
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The 2010 27/7 DIY show was the sequel to the first "24/7" DIY Video Summit held at USC in 2007. As in that show, the new program features vids, anime music videos, political remix videos, machinima and other kinds of fannish remix, this time dating from 2007-2009. While the show that premiered at the Hammer Theatre in LA on October 5, 2010 featured only a few from each genre, Henry Jenkins is hosting the unabridged programmes for each genre on his blog.