Miles Morales/Hobie Brown

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Pairing: Miles Morales/Hobie Brown
Alternative name(s): Punkflower
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Across the Spider-Verse
Canonical?: No
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Miles Morales/Hobie Brown, also known as the portmanteau Punkflower, is the slash pairing between Miles Morales and Hobie Brown from Across the Spider-Verse.


Miles is introduced to Hobie through their mutual friend Gwen Stacy, who has been going on missions with Hobie as part of the Spider Society. The two developed a strong enough friendship that Gwen "crashes at Hobie's" and borrows his shoes. Miles originally appears jealous of this, but as Miles and Hobie interact, it becomes clear that Hobie is mainly interested in encouraging and supporting Miles.

As the group travel to Spider Society HQ, Hobie removes his mask (and winks at Miles), to which Miles exclaims, "How are you even cooler under your mask??" The two have an extended exchange about why Miles wants to join the Society, with Hobie arguing that Miles doesn't need the Society and that he shouldn't "enlist until [he] know[s] what [he's] fighting". Later, he mouths advice to Miles that enables him to break out from the force field he is imprisoned within.

It has been noted that Hobie, who often changes colour from frame to frame, turns pink when he interacts with Miles.[1]


  • Fans often headcanon how Miles' parents would react when introduced to Hobie as Miles' boyfriend, usually imagining that they would have a strong negative reaction to him as a punk. Many headcanon that Hobie would be respectful towards Rio but antagonistic or cold towards Jefferson as a police officer and authority figure.
  • Miles/Hobie are sometimes headcanoned as part of an extended polycule involving Gwen, Pavitr, and sometimes Margo and/or Gayatri.
  • Hobie's age is the subject of extensive debate, with some believing he is too old to be acceptably shipped with Miles (who is 15), leading to fierce discourse on the subject and whether it is problematic to ship PunkFlower.





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