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Title: Hivefled
Author(s): Fovoskon and ChelonianMobile
Date(s): 31/10/12 - ongoing
Genre: Alternate Universe, Darkfic, Makarabuse
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Hivefled on tumblr, Hivefled TV Tropes article

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Hivefled is a work in progress novel-length (or possibly longer, by the time it's done) Homestuck AU by Fovoskon and ChelonianMobile, written as a sequel to the Kink Meme Torture and Rapefic "Reprise" and focusing primarily on Gamzee Makara.

The summary given by the writers is: "A Homestuck AU, in which the game never happened; three trolls were conscripted, then became deserters. Now, all of them are on the run as they try to prepare to take down a twisted regime. While not forgetting they are in the best sweeps of their lives."

The AU has developed its own small-but-dedicated fan community with a signifigant amount of fanart and spin-off stories. It is also the only fanfiction currently known to have it's own anthropomorphic mascot, produced as part of the Fandomstuck phenomenon. Hivefled's fans are frequently and affectionatley reffered to as 'fledlings'.


In the prequel, Reprise, Gamzee was one of the few canonical Homestuck trolls (the other two being Equius Zahhak and Eridan Ampora) to go through with conscription and, in the author's words, "try to become a proper adult troll". He ends up being trained by his ancestor -the closest thing to a father one can get with troll biology- the Grand Highblood, and eventually winds up being raped and tortured by both him and his lover, Her Imperious Condesension.

Hivefled proper takes place after Gamzee manages to escape, and focuses on the attempts of the main twelve trolls to avoid the Empire in the inevitable fallout of the above due to his abusers' high status, not helped by the involvement of a certain rebel cult, all the while trying to prepare Feferi Peixes to fight the Condesce for the throne. The fic has also been praised for dealing with Gamzee's trauma in a more three-dimensional way than the average rape recovery story, in particular that he isn't purely an innocent woobie; to quote Zekora, "even when he's acting like an ass, you can tell he's acting out because of his mental suffering and not because he's cruel. He's not just a victim, he's also a complete asshole to Equius and for me, my biggest complaint with any fic (and in any fandom) is where fan authors fall into the trope of making a villainous character into a sad little victim woobies with no realistic depth or any realistic reactions or consequences to the abuse they go through. Neither Hivefled or Reprise have fallen into that awful trope."

The story is divided into arcs; the first two are now complete.

Hivefled also features several troll original characters, which can be divided into three groups: those working for the Empire (including Eridan's former classmates Preosh Filona and Gartel Ravety, subbjugglator newbie Ganmed Lomust, and Eridan and Equius' former teachers, Icatus Gritch and Shuran Harkol); the Sufferist cult the trolls were (somewhat reluctantly) working with in earlier chapters (most prominently well-intentioned but fanatical and narrow minded leader Lereal Belsai, and ill-fated female cultist Tsukey Morney) and the Kin, the ghosts of the Grand Highblood and Condesce's former victims (the first seen and most commonly featured in fic canon being Sennir Lilura and Laneen Chaton, the probable half-sister of Gamzee and Sollux (through the Condesce).


There is a fanmade and reasonably popular fandomstuck askblog featuring two personifications of the fic, Kayden and Sian.

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