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Title: Fandomstuck
Author(s): Multiple
Date(s): February 2013-ongoing
Genre: Alternate Universe, Anthropomorfic, Crossover
Fandom: Homestuck, Multi-Fandom
External Links: Fandomstuck HQ on tumblr

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Fandomstuck (also called Fandombound) is a a rather chaotic Shared Universe hosted (mostly) on Tumblr, which is based around personifications of various shows, books, and other fandoms.

Fandomstuck traces its roots back to the friendship between the Axis Powers Hetalia and Homestuck fandoms — fans of Hetalia interjected during the various hiatuses/gigapauses in the Homestuck publication schedule to offer words of comfort and conciliation to distraught Homestuck fans. (A significant number of Homestuck fans were also fans of Axis Powers Hetalia, resulting in a large overlap in the two's fanbase.) This friendship and familiarity led to the common sentiment that the Hetalia fandom acted as the Homestuck fandom's Moirail.

Though it's difficult to pinpoint the introduction of Anthropomorphic Personification into the equation, it was likely the propensity of Hetalia fans for generating such personifications that birthed the first iterations of the characters. Homestuck fans, who were notable for their desire to cross over with everything, blew the initial concept out of the water. More and more fandom personifications began to crop up, including Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, My Little Pony, Harry Potter, and even fandom personifications of extant fanworks such as Hivefled. What began with one-off character designs and art pieces eventually grew to encompass askblogs, short comics, voice-acting, Homestuck-style 'Fanadventures', and a large tumblr-based rp community.

In late 2013, tumblr user and game developer Mistiryshak released Fandomstuck RPG, a free-to-download RPGmaker-based game featuring Fandomstuck characters.