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Name: Hide the Rum
Date(s): ~2006 to 2010
Moderated: Y
Founder(s): Land
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Scope: Will/Elizabeth, Fanfiction, general movie discussion
URL: http://hidetherum.net/
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Hide the Rum was a Pirates of the Caribbean community for shippers of the pairing Will/Elizabeth. Its name was a humorous reference to Captain Jack Sparrow's line in Dead Man's Chest: "Why is the rum ALWAYS gone?!", cheekily implying that Willabeth shippers would be hiding the rum from Captain Jack so that he couldn't get at it.

It was originally hosted at hidetherum.net, and was recreated on LiveJournal as Hide the Rum 2.0 on December 29, 2010 after the original forum domain expired and went up for sale. The LiveJournal community was last updated on June 16, 2011.

In June 2011, Hide the Rum member Shaliza recreated Hide the Rum as a forum on FreeForums at the URL hidetherum.freeforums.org. However, the website was removed for inactivity on September 15, 2012.

Hide the Rum 1.0


A great deal of Hide the Rum activity revolved around fanfiction, particularly challenges and prompts[1], with Will/Elizabeth as the main ship. In 2007, Hide the Rum ran the 2007 WE Awards, which recognised the best Will/Elizabeth fanfiction written by its members. The nominees and winners are collected in the Fanfiction.net C2, HTR's 2007 WE Awards.

We Hid the Rum is another C2 which collects together challenge responses and assorted writing by members of the forum.

Hide the Rum 2.0 and beyond

Rules and Regulations

From the community on LiveJournal:

Rules and Regulations:

1. Be respectful. Just because someone's favorite is different than yours doesn't mean you can be rude. Follow common rules of decency.

2. Character hate will not be tolerated. Don't bash.

3. Likewise, Ship Wars will not be tolerated. If you follow any of the other pairings of the series, we do not mind. Just please be respectful to us and we will show you respect as well.

4. Please, please put large images or amounts of text behind a lj cut.

5. Spoilers for the upcoming films are acceptable, but once again, put them behind a cut!

6. Do not post links to illegal content (whether it be illegally downloaded or streamed episodes, that sort of thing). All links to illegal content will be removed.

7. Lastly, have fun! Let's try to have the same fun we've had in the past okay. :)

Now, if there is any thread from the old site that you'd like to see once again, please let us know and we'll get it up as soon as we can. And if you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask. [2]


From the community on LiveJournal:

What is Hide the Rum 2.0? Hide the Rum 2.0 is a LiveJournal community created in lieu of the old Hide the Rum forums, a website now expired, with its domain name for sale. :'(

So what was the old Hide the Rum about? It was a discussion forum and message board community focused on the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (saga?) and on shipping two of the main characters, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. There was also a general forum for members to have fun and make new friends.

How do I join? You don't have to be a LiveJournal user to join - anonymous posts are enabled, however if you were a forum member at one point please be sure to tell us somewhere in your posts. If not, feel free to join in the discussions! The more the merrier. [3]

All Kinds of Everything

As part of the numerous attempts over the years to get the old Hide the Rum "crew" back together, Shaliza (the creator and admin of the second Hide the Rum forum on FreeBoards) created a fandom forum called 'All Kinds of Everything'. While it is a pan-fandom forum and not restricted to Pirates of the Caribbean, it has a dedicated POTC movie discussion subforum, and Shaliza explicitly reached out to former members of Hide the Rum to invite them to join the forum.

In a thread entitled 'The Story Behind the Forum', Shaliza gave this explanation for the board's name and the decision to make it a more general fandom forum:

As for the title, well, since our interests have diverged so much since Hide The Rum, I felt we needed a name that reflected these varied interests. I think HTR and Pirates of the Caribbean will always be special to many of us, but at the same time, we have all grown, so the new forum needed to depict that. I chose All Kinds of Everything for this reason, so that it would cater to the diversity and hopefully attract members from all over the globe, pirate lover or not.

I also have an additional reason for choosing this title. There is an old song called All Kinds of Everything that my mom and I used to sing together when I was a kid.

This is the first verse:

Snow drops, and daffodils,
Butterflies and bees
Sailboats and fisherman
Things of the sea
Wishing wells, wedding bells
Early morning dew
All kinds of everything,
Remind me of you [4]


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