Hero's Consequence

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Title: Hero's Consequence
Creator: AfterThought
Date: April 2006
Format: WMV
Music: "Liberty Shield" by Immediate Music
Fandom: Stargate SG1
URL: offline (vid announcement)

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Hero's Consequence is a Stargate SG1 fanvid by AfterThought that focuses on the events in the episode "Meridian." It was reviewed by Diana Williams on September 26, 2006 at the reel. It won a Stargate Fan Awards in 2006 for "Best Episode Based" vid.


  • "Overall, this is a beautiful done and very stirring vid. It's been a long time since I've seen "Meridian", but this vid made it all freshly painful again, and I love....I think this is a beautifully done vid, that there are no out-of-place clips or missed cues, and the whole subtlety of the vidding lets the music and clips carry the vid, which is how it should be. A sublime example of instrumental vidding. " ~ feedback at the reel review.
  • "the video reeks of genius, in actuality the repugnant smell of Afterthoughts genius has caused me to vacate my house lest the 'genius-fumes' knock me out unconscious...again. Both the opening and ending of the video are moving, powerful, brilliant and a large host of other positive words, and all the footage in between, whilst not rendering me catatonic with delight was still jaw dropping and powerful. The story telling however is what makes this video so fantastic, in little over 2 minutes Afterthought has successfully managed to convey all the emotions, struggles and action of not only a full-hour long episode but also one of the major Stargate SG-1 moments." ~ feedback at MV Warz video reviews.