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A protected page is a page with limited editing privileges.

Generally, such pages are outside the main namespace and include policy pages and templates. If necessary, articles in the main namespace can also be protected. Special:Protectedpages contains a complete list of all current protected pages.

Who can edit protected pages

Only users with gardener or admin privileges are able to edit protected pages.

If you spot errors on a protected page, but cannot edit it yourself, you can leave a comment on the talk page and add the Attention Gardeners template: {{AttentionGardeners|because= }}

How to protect or unprotect a page

Administrators can protect or unprotect a page. To protect a page, click the protect tab. In the monobook skin, the shortcut alt+= can also be used. This will lead to a confirmation screen with two menus and a checkbox. The administrator can choose to protect the page from editing by either unregistered users or all users. Similarly, the page can be protected from moves by unregistered users or all users. The system automatically adds the same level of protection to moves as it does to edits, but the protection level can be changed by checking the "Unlock move permissions" checkbox. Enter the reason for page protection in the box and press "confirm." This action will be logged.

To unprotect a page, click the unprotect tab. This will bring up the exact page as above, only this time the two menus will already be selected. Unprotection only involves selecting "(default)" under the "Edits" menu and pressing "confirm." A reason for unprotection should be given as well. This will likewise be logged.

When to protect a page

  • Policy pages: protect each policy page when it is created
  • Template pages: recommend protecting template pages when they are "finished"
  • Main namespace: only when a page is repeatedly vandalized or is the subject of an edit war. Protection should be temporary unless otherwise specified.
  • Talk pages: "archived" talk pages can be protected