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This help page provides instructions for how to organize and develop articles about individual podfic fanworks. See Help:Fanworks for the overview on fanwork pages. See Help:Starting a new page for basic information about creating a page.

See the dreamwidth discussion.

What podfics can I add?

If you want to write about a podfic, go for it!

Podfics are almost always based on a previously written fanfic text, but there does not need to be a Fanlore page about that text for you to create a page about the podfic.

How do I name the page?

In general, the name of a fanwork page should be the title of the fanwork. Follow the capitalization of the fanwork's title.

If there are other Fanlore pages with the same name, follow the disambiguation guidelines at Help:Disambiguation Naming Conventions. The usual pattern is Title (podfic) or Title (Fandom podfic). Do not include the podficcer's name in the title unless there's a Fanlore page for more than one podfic in the same fandom with the same title.

See also Help:Naming Conventions.

What Next?

  1. Copy and paste the podfic infobox template into the page and fill it in. The template automatically adds the Podfics category to the page.
  2. Add the appropriate fandom category. If the fandom category doesn't exist yet, add it anyway. Someone will come along and create it.
  3. Add a date category for the year(s) the podfic was created. Example: [[Category:2012]]
  4. Add one of these categories, if applicable: Femslash Podfics, Gen Podfics, Het Podfics, or Slash Podfics
  5. Optional: Add a disambiguation line at the top of the page to clearly differentiate the podfic from the fanfic it was based on. Like this: This page is about the podfic. For the story, see [[Title (fanfic)]].

What content should I add?

A brief description of the work would not go amiss. The templates already prompts you for the basics, but you can repeat them in the main text.

You can upload the cover art. See Help:Images.

Possible topics include:

  • the circumstances under which it was made (for a challenge, in a van, drunk at 3 am, etc.)
  • unusual attributes or creative or technical innovations
  • usual attributes (i.e. "This podfic is a typical example of....")
  • whether the podfic won awards
  • how it was received/what people say about it (make a Reviews and Reactions section)
  • whether it influenced other podfics and how
  • whether it was influenced by a particular fanwork and how
  • if there is no Fanlore page about the fanfic (or even if there is), you may want to include a brief summary of the story
  • ???

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