A Joyous Anthology of Bandom Podfic

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Title: A Joyous Anthology of Bandom Podfic
Podfic Artist(s): pennyplainknits
Cover Artist:
Date(s): January 19th, 2012
Length: 1:04:11
File: mp3, m4b
Based On: N/A
Author: pennyplainknits
Fandom: My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy
External Links: original mp3 announcement and on the audiofic archive
podbook cover designed by Cybel Harper

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A Joyous Anthology of Bandom Podfic is a podfic anthology of thirteen Bandom fan stories written and read by pennyplainknits. The stories were recorded as part of More Joy Day. Unlike traditional podfic, the stories were not originally posted online, but rather dictated from notes: "You'll note that there is no text linked. That's because I told most of these into the mic- I had notes for some, bits of dialogue, but I didn't type the story out."

  1. Attack Hug. MCR Gen. Ray gets hugged by his band. It takes him a while to catch on 4:34
  2. Dentists will never hurt you. MCR, Frank/Gerard Frank as a children's dentist 4:31
  3. How Many More Times. MCR Gen Frank and Ray arguing over their favourite Led Zep song 4:38
  4. It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss. Panic! Brendon/Spencer, Spencer/Patrick, Spencer/Ryan, Spencer/Ian Spencer wonders what it would be like to kiss Brendon. 5:26
  5. Monroeville Sunsets. MCR Gen. Ray Toro, blues guitarist, from the grifters AU 4:23
  6. Morning. Brendon/Spencer A morning off on tour 3:40
  7. Postcard Perfect. FOB, Pete/Patrick A long distance relationship 7:31
  8. Skeleton Crew. MCR, Panic/Young Veins Gerard, Ryan, and hugs 4:52
  9. Starting with a bang. MCR, Gen. Frank and Mikey as scientists and reluctant TV stars 5:04
  10. Teamwork. Panic! Brendon/Spencer/Ryan Ryan and Brendon team up to seduce Spencer 8:22
  11. When it all began. Panic! gen Teen Ryan and Spencer 4:09
  12. Whipsered War. Panic! Brendon/Spencer-ish Brendon is sick and wants popsicles 3:08
  13. Working Overtime. MCR Ray/Brian A late night in the studio 3:47

The audiobook was compiled by Cybel Harper, who also did the podbook cover.