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Title: hancest..yes
Creator: Jana
Date(s): May 6, 2005
Medium: online
Fandom: Hanson
Topic: incest
External Links: http://hanson.livejournal.com/3581094.html
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hancest..yes is an entry by Jana in the LiveJournal community Hanson @ LJ.

It was written in response to this loaded question about hancest. The entry deals with theories surrounding a genetic basis for incest and references another essay titled Incest: from science to fandom and back (edited version)


if you don't like incest, fine. most people don't. if you don't understand hancest, if you don't like it, if it does absolutely nothing for you, all fine. but don't go off on how it's "stupid" and "gross" and attack the people who write and read it, calling them "sick fucks". how soon we forget the lessons from our childhoods: if you've nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. in other words, DON'T YUCK MY YUM!! use i-statements only please--"i think it's disturbing".."i don't like it"..and even "i think it's sick." but don't say things like "it's disgusting" and "you're sick"...have some damn respect.
the thing about saying it's genetically unnatural is that it's completely false. the Genetic Sexual Attraction theory shows that the closer someone is genetically to us, the more attractive we'll find him/her. then why aren't brothers and sisters everywhere going at it, you ask? the Westermark Effect. we're sexually desensitized to those that we grow up with.
the point is incest is only stigmatized because it's a subversion of our neat, concise categories, the nice little boxes we put everyone and everything in. most people that enjoy hancest enjoy it because of the taboo aspect, though. which is absolutely fine. it becomes a sort of kink, if you will. i can get into that, too.

Excerpts from Comments

I wouldn't say I'm so against it, I just don't really understand it (in regards to the hancest). As I said in reply to the last post, I've never particularly been a fan of fanfiction or slash, that's just my personal taste. And stories about my favorite band that is slashy or incestuous just doesn't appeal to me. And I think that if I were famous, I would feel a little put off if there were stories about me and my siblings in romantic situations, even though in this day and age I know it's bound to happen.
I'm not against Hancest or even incest in general. The thought of having sex with my brother is pretty much the most disgusting thing ever, but if other people want to do it.. err I don't care. The stories/picture of Hancest things just don't do anything to me because the thought of brothers doing that just doesn't do anything for. But the concept isn't THAT weird. Many guys like sisters together, it's not really much different.
I stopped reading at the LJ cut, not because I didn't want to read what you have to say, but because I don't have that long of an attention span, lol but I did want to comment on the firt part of what you wrote. While I personaly am disturbed by the whole hancest thing, and insest period for that fact, I do completely aggree with your "I statment" part. I hate it when people make comments, in general, that's stupid, this sucks, etc. If I like it, it makes me feel almost personaly attact when those things are said. My step-brothers always like to tell me how much the movies I like suck, and can't seem to understand the huge difference it makes when you say "I think that movie was stupid" opposed to "That movie was stupid." So yeah, that's all I have to say, that was an excelent suggestion, and that's something I always try to do.
if you want to be able to express yourself and your opinions through fanfic, especially fanfic based on on a controversial topic and you want your expression to be respected, then you need to respect the way others choose to epress their opinions also [saying "this sucks!" etc.], and if you can't, then don't publish your stories. that's only fair.
i dont know why were elaborating on this PERIOD. i mean its ok for you to sit here and nitpick at it if you please, but yes. i do think incest on its own is downright creepy AND YES, NOT NATURAL b/c that is the world were living in. and most people are brought up that way. so thats why most people here and caught offgaurd with the hancest deal.
Yeah, that's intresting but it still has nothing to do with anyones opinions. We are not tribes in new guinea, and we are taught, alot of us, that incest is indeed wrong because well...it's simply wrong. I know hansest is a fantasy and alot of incest erotic stories are, but some people just don't like viewing or thinking about family members going at it reguardless of who they are or how hot it would be to see them doing it. Sure, they can just look the other way, but do you honestly think thats going to happen? No. Why? Because it's a community full of mostly teenage girls with shitty opinions on alot of issues.