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Name: HamletMachine
Alias(es): Hamlet_Machine, Hamlet
Type: artist
Fandoms: Attack on Titan, Homestuck, MCU, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
URL: Twitter
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HamletMachine is an artist who has created content for a number of fandoms. They now create the nsfw m/m webcomic Starfighter[1]. Their second series, Pain Killer, is a "pwp monster sex comic."[1]

Fandom Activity

HamletMachine was a fanartist in multiple fandoms, and was known particularly for their Eruri and Stucky art.

Hamlet machine had a tumblr account (hamletmachine) and a Homestuck side account (msphamletmachine) which have both been deleted.

They currently draw fanart for Boku no Hero Academia.


Art Gallery


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