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Name: Starfighter
Creator: HamletMachine
Date(s): 2009 - 2020 (Comic) 2015 (video game)
Medium: Webcomic
Country of Origin: USA
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Starfighter is a Yaoi sci-fi webcomic by HamletMachine.


The story focuses on the relationship between Cain and Abel, a fighter and navigator on a military base. The two are assigned to the same ship and must work together to form a cohesive unit in spite of their wildly different personalities and Cain's often aggressive behaviour towards Abel.

The comic launched in 2009 and the story concluded in March of 2020. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, a Visual Novel titled Starfighter: Eclipse was released in 2015. HamletMachine served as the lead artist and project lead The game features an original story set in the same universe as the comic, as well as new and returning characters.


The late 2000s saw a number of western-created BL webcomics begin publishing, some of which featured NSFW content as well as relationship drama. As such, Starfighter fit into this niche fairly well. The initial fandom spawned on DeviantArt, where HamletMachine was already a well-known fanartist.

As of 2022, the fandom is still Yuletide-eligible, having under 1000 works.

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