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Name: HP Friendship
Date(s): 2012–13
Moderator(s): lash_larue, therealsnape
Founder: tetleythesecond, pale_moonlite
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: hp-friendship @LJ, @DW
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HP Friendship is a predominantly gen prompt-based ficathon in the Harry Potter fandom, founded in 2012 and focusing on the theme of friendship between characters.

hp_friendship is a prompt-based ficathon that celebrates one of the big themes of the Harry Potter series: friendship. We would like to showcase friendship between Harry Potter characters in all its many facets. What do friends do for friends, and what do they do to them? You tell us! ...

For the purpose of this fest, we're looking for fic that focuses on friendship in all possible ways. Friendships that are just beginning or that have withered on the vine, friendships that weather all storms or break over matters big or small, friendships that span class, race, gender, or generations, that are fraught with problems or provide a rock in the surf. We'd love to see unlikely friends, friends who betray their friends or who save them from betrayal, friends who survive adventures together or find themselves faced with problems that they wouldn't even have if it weren't for the other.

Characters of all ages, body shapes, classes, ethnic backgrounds, and genders are welcome! [1]

The challenge's tagline is Each friend represents a world in us ..., a quotation from Anaïs Nin. It was originally administered jointly via communities on livejournal and dreamwidth, but later switched to just livejournal.


HP Friendship was founded in January 2012 by tetleythesecond and pale_moonlite. lash_larue and therealsnape took over as moderators for the 2013 round. The challenge does not appear to be happening in 2014.

Guidelines and Timetable

Anonymous prompting occurred in May. Prompters could contribute up to five prompts. Writing took place in June and July, with works due mid-July. Posting to the challenge communities occurred throughout August, and was anonymous until reveals in early September. There was no archiving of fanworks.

Although the challenge was essentially gen, background pairings were permitted and the central friendship could involve sex as long as this is not the focus of the work. Submitted stories must be complete and at least 1,500 words. There were no formal requirements for other forms of work.


A total of 25 stories were written, about 36 different characters.

Participants included alley_skywalker, anne_arthur, Delphi, gamma_x_orionis, igrockspock, inamac, iulia_linnea, jean_doe_27, kellychambliss, lash_larue, miss_morland, mountainmoira, nathaniel_hp, pitry, primeideal, realmer06, squibstress, therealsnape, vanessawolfie, wemyss, the_winterwitch and zofbadfaith.


Fan art was included in this round. A total of 24 works were created, about 33 different characters. The most popular characters were Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Amelia Bones and Draco Malfoy.

Participants included anne_arthur, delphipsmith, flaminia_x, janejenajeny, jean_doe_27, josephinestone, kellychambliss, lash_larue, leontinabowie, liliths_requiem, lunarblair, mmadfan, mage_girl, nevrafire, Primeideal, realmer06, raven_cromwell, scarletladyy, shadowycat, squibstress, therealsnape, twisted_twister and wemyss.


I'm finally caught up with my reading at hp_friendship, and what a winner of fest it has turned out to be. Just when I'd begun to get rather jaded about HP fandom, thinking there was nothing new left to be written, along comes a fest with an amazing number of clever and original stories featuring a huge range of characters and tones: everything from hilarious near-crack with Minerva and portraits!Albus and Severus to a well-written and harrowing story of Luna and Draco during the DH year. And then there's Argus Filch and Arabella Figg as London children evacuated to the country in 1939, Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart as roomies, stories about Filch and his cat (a heartbreaking heart warmer, this one) and Aunt Marge and her dog, and so much more. ...
...this fest has almost an embarrassment of riches. (Kelly Chambliss on the 2012 round)[2]


Example Works

Widely recommended works include:


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