HNG Awards

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Name: HNG Awards
Date(s): June-September 2003
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community: Hanson Novelist Guild
Fandom: Hanson
URL:, via wayback Oct 2003
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A banner created to promote the awards

The HNG Awards were fanfic awards for the Hanson fandom. The awards were moderated by Sra, the owner of the Hanson Novelist Guild at that time.


Best Author Overall Stephanie - So, There Was This Boy...

Best Dramatic Author Ashley - Avery

Best Comedy Author Jen - The Adventures of Mr. Quackers

Best Romance Author Brittney and Nikki - The Insignificant Breakdown Series

Best Erotica Author Katie - Encounter

Best Author Team Brittney, Nikki, Taye, Steph - Faltering Intuition

Best Long Story Overall Forever and a Day

Best Long Dramatic Story So, There Was This Boy...

Best Long Comedy Story In Retrospect

Best Long Romance Story Star Crossed

Best Long Erotica Story Wild Hearts

Best Long Miscellaneous Story Pure

Best Short Story Overall Afterward

Best Short Dramatic Story Zac and Tay's Excellent Adventure

Best Short Comedy Story The Day Zac Went to Jazzercize

Best Short Erotica Story Vogue

Best Short Miscellaneous Story Just Like This

Best Isaac Always the Man

Best Taylor ...Happily Ever After

Best Zac ...Happily Ever After

Best Other Hanson Avery - Avery

Best Young Female Cleo - So, There Was This Boy...

Best Antagonist Melanie - Just Another Victim

Best Opening So, There Was This Boy...

Best Kiss Just Survive - Day 21

Best Use of a Song "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne - Living Up The Ghost