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Name: H/D Fan Fair (hd_fan_fair)
Date(s): 2009 - present
Moderator(s): vaysh, phoenixacid, marguerite_26
Founder: marguerite_26, vaysh, jamie2109, & romaine24
Type: fest/challenge
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: hd_fan_fair on LiveJournal
Career Fair banner; art by Heathen
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H/D Fan Fair, or The Annual Harry/Draco Fair, is a Harry/Draco fest with different yearly themes. The fest was founded in the tradition of thematically themed H/D fests, especially HD Inspired.

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2009 H/D Career Fair

2010 H/D Travel Fair

2012 H/D Career Fair

2013 H/D Book Fair

The books mentioned in Harry Potter canon or in Pottermore were the theme of this H/D Fan Fair. Participants created stories, arts or podfics that were in any way inspired by one or more of the over 100 books from HP canon. This could mean that a story, a situation, a character, a spell, a potion, and/or an item featured in one of the books had a vital role in the story/art. It could also mean that one of the books made an appearance in the story/art.

2014 H/D Career Fair

2015 H/D Pottermore Fair