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You may be looking for Harry/Draco Big Bang: Erised.
Name: Harry/Draco Erised aka HD Erised
Date(s): 2013 – present
Moderator(s): gracerene, firethesound, dicta_contrion; previously capitu, sassy_cissa
Founder: faithwood, marguerite_26, melusinahp
Type: Exchange fest
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: hd_erised at LiveJournal (inactive)
hd_erised at Dreamwidth
H/D Erised at Tumblr
URL: Harry/Draco Erised collection at AO3
Community: hd_erised tag at AO3
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Harry/Draco Erised (aka HD Erised) is a Harry Potter gift exchange for Harry/Draco fanfiction and fanart.

It was created to replace HD Holidays, the last round of which was in 2012.[1]

Notable Fanworks Created for the Fest


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