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Name: H/D Holidays
Date(s): 2006-2012
Moderator(s): zhonnika (2006), nqdonne (2007-2008) jamie2109 (2007), taradiane (2007-2012), dysonrules (2009-2012), bryonebrynn (2009-2012)
Founder: zhonnika/legomymalfoy
Type: Gift exchange
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community:
URL: hd_holidays on Livejournal hd_holidays on Dreamwidth
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H/D Holidays is a gift exchange that ran from 2006-2012. It has a reputation for delivering multiple novel-length fics.


H/D Holidays was founded in 2006 as a Harry/Draco holiday gift exchange by zhonnika/legomymalfoy. The first round of the fest appears to have had a bit of a rocky start; the participant cap was 110, posting ran into January and several people failed to submit their entries/gifts. In February 2007 zhonnika stepped down as a mod, and handed the reins over to nqdonne.[1] nqdonne brought jamie2109 on as co-mod, and announced a Last Hurrah/Summer Wave as the second round of the fest (a "pre-DH special round"[2]), with sign ups in February and posting in June–July.[3]

Round three was a Post-DH round, with sign ups in August, and posting in December. jamie2109 stepped down as a mod prior to this round, and taradiane stepped in.[4]

The fourth round of the fest (2008) brought some changes to the fest-format due to the overwhelming scope of the fest; there were too many participants, too many drop-outs, and "too many fics with major problems". The mods instated a participant cap in the region of 60-80 participants, with half the slot reserved for veteran participants who had a history of turning in works on time and not in need of major revisions, with the remaining spots serving as a lottery on first-come-first serve basis for fans who had not participated before.[5] The fest had run with staggered submission deadlines in the past, with first timers having an earlier deadline than veterans, and this was the case again. In addition to this, hosting of the works moved from Livejournal to a private server, paid for and maintained by taradiane.

In 2009 nqdonne stepped down as a mod, and dysonrules and bryonebrynn stepped in to assist taradiane. The 2008 format continued, with a participant cap of 80, a split of reserved spots for veterans and lottery spots for newcomers, and a staggered submission deadline.[6]

2011 brought several changes to the fest: The participant cap was lowered to 60, there were two lotteries, one for veterans and one for newcomers, and the staggered submission deadlines were abolished.[7]

For the final round of H/D Holidays, the participant cap was increased to 90.[8]



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