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Fan Film
Creator: ITFProductions
Date: September 3, 2009
Length: 8:42
Medium: live-action
Genre: fan film
Fandom: Batman, DC Comics
URL: Youtube
Screenshot of Harley

Screenshot of the Joker

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HARLEQUIN - A JOKER FAN FILM is a fan film by ITFProductions as a live-action re-imagining of Harley Quinn's origin.

Vidder's Notes

Live Action re-imagining of Harley Quinn's origin. FULL SCENE!! Must see! GUARANTEE TO SATISFY!!
Written & Directed by Cedric Sequerra
Produced by Cedric Sequerra & Julian Malka
Starring Stephane Malka & Milina Di Bartolo
Shot with the Sony Ex1, Edited and Colored in Avid Media Composer.

Reactions and Comments

As of May 3, 2015, the fan film has over 3,631,800 views on Youtube. It has mixed reviews:

"This film is fairly good and terrible. First off, in the comics Harleen Quinzel was indeed a psychiatrist that found interest in The Joker. Eventually she started LOVING him and got mad, cough cough "Mad Love" cough cough, and got a costume and broke him out. She was never kidnapped by The Joker and forced to be Harley Quinn. Second, in the film it begins with Harleen screaming, crying, and throwing up in horror. She would do anything just to go out the door! Then, when she gets the chance to leave she joins The Joker and kills her boyfriend instantly. Like, with no hesitation at all. Any explanation about the immediate mood change?"[1]
"That was fucking awesome, I loved it. Beautiful ending with the perfect song."[2]
"That Joker looked great but sounded horrible."[3]
"I really enjoyed this version...Don't care what anyone else says."[4]
"Nice loved the video well made ;-)"[5]
"Terrible.. But at least they tried.."[6]
"At first it was fun to watch a lot of secondary actors do a Joker imitation to emulate Ledger's performance. Now, it's getting old. There will never be another Heath Ledger. I think these actors need to start doing their own take on the character. It would be much more refreshing and entertaining."[7]


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